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Sustainable wedding accessories for grooms can bring that unique charm to your special day, not to mention being easy on the back pocket. ‘Something borrowed’ isn’t just for the bride, as more and more grooms are looking to different materials and different eras to influence their wedding day style. 


This quaint up and comer designs and manufactures all things groom, made out of upcycled goodness. The wooden bowtie is their signature piece, but you’ll also find cufflinks, belts and wallets among their wood and leather wares.

BeWooden’s philosophy hinges on marrying timber offcuts from local workshops with honest craftsmanship. The resulting products are one of a kind keepsakes that can be used and treasured long after the big day.

Images by BeWooden

Paper Vintage Love

Flowers aren’t just for the ladies. Paper Vintage Love is the Queensland based business creating floral buttonholes made from upcycled books and sheet music. Perfect for preferrers of more muted tones, these creations are designed using pages that hold a special place in the couple’s history.

Perhaps you might want one made from your favourite song, a map of places you’ve travelled together, or the pages of a book that you both adore.

Not limited to buttonholes, Paper Vintage Love can also cater for the rest of the wedding’s floral arrangements. 

Images by Paper Vintage Love

Ethical Jewellery Australia 

Wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of love, and the story of the ring itself can be just as important as how it looks.

Ethical Jewellery Australia crafts each piece by hand in Australia, using recycled or locally sourced precious metals, and Fair Made or Fair Trade diamonds and gemstones. This method also reduces carbon miles and supports our local economy.

Images by Ethical Jewellery Australia


Husband and wife couple Nicoletta and Joey are the artisans behind Wood&Beau, a Gold Coast based business determined to repopularise the dapper gentleman. Combining their loves of fashion and male grooming, they have created a slick line of braces, bowties and cufflinks, to name a few.

We particularly love their leather suspenders and groomsmen gift boxes.

Image by Wood&Beau

Roar Timber Works

Roar Timber Works is a one-man operation, headed up by Carpenter Steve Sagovac out of New South Wales. After finding his hands full with leftover timber, Steve began experimenting with breathing new life into old wood. He now creates furniture and timber trinkets, but we think his best creation is this personalised beer caddy – the perfect gift for any groomsman which we’re sure will be put to good use.

Image by Roar Timber Works

A sustainable wedding embraces found, recycled or repurposed goods to go easy on the environment and the budget, while creating a unique aesthetic theme. Leather and timber are classic groomsmen textures, but don’t be afraid to get creative with metals, paper and even fabrics.

Ms Chinoiserie Says: I love anything sustainable that looks after the environment  – the paper buttonholes and leather braces are my favourites!

About Alice: I love ideas and hate incorrect apostrophes! I’m the one woman army behind Beetroot Creative, a copywriting service for little brands with big stories to tell.

Modern Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding028

As Nic looks back on his chic modern Brisbane Powerhouse wedding, he remembers that waiting for his bride Brodie at the end of the aisle infact wasn’t too bad! It was earlier in the day, as he was starting to get ready, that the butterflies crept in; the solution – a quick few overs with the boys settled his nerves!

“I can’t choose one moment as there were so many memorable parts of the day. However I really enjoyed the lead up to the ceremony; I was really nervous early on the wedding day but a game of cricket with my groomsmen took my mind off things and calmed me down. By the time I was at the end of the aisle waiting for Brodie, the nerves had gone and I was just excited.”

Modern Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding027
Modern Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding030
Modern Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding033
Modern Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding034
Modern Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding035
Modern Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding036
Modern Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding039
Modern Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding040

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Country Dam Wedding032

As we talk to Tom about his outfit for his romantic country dam wedding, he mentioned that with his height he has always struggled to find a suit that fitted him well – particularly around the arm length. For an occasion as special as his wedding, the decision to have his outfit tailor made was a perfect one!

” I wore a grey suit which I had tailor made in Thailand. I am extremely tall – and I’ve found that with all the suits that I’ve tried before, none of them actually reached my wrists. So Toni and I thought, why not wear one that was perfectly made for me!”

Country Dam Wedding030
Country Dam Wedding031
Country Dam Wedding054
Country Dam Wedding060
Country Dam Wedding063

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